Hi! my name is Imke Meeusen, owner of Imke illustrations. 

When I was little, my mom let my brother and me draw on the kitchen walls, I spent days drawing pictures for our neighbors and grandparents, at school I had more art related lessons than any other topics and from a very young age I knew I wanted to become an artist. After 7 years of studying at two different art colleges, I made the very hard decision to quit and I started my own illustration business. I haven’t regretted it for a moment since!
I love creating illustrations that show you how I look at the world that we live in, or show you how I wish our world would look like. And because of that my illustrations vary between very cute and happy to a bit more real, relatable,
at times even a bit dark or moody but always fun.
With this point of view the objects of my illustrations vary as well. Sometimes they’re just fun, happy and without any deeper meaning but I also make work that shines a light on more serious topics like disorders, mental health or global warming. 
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